The Beginning of the End?

For those of you who have money in the market, you may have freaked out a bit seeing the drops happening due to rising yields of treasuries. Fear not, because these drops are only temporary and do not mean to sell. In fact, you should never sell especially if you’re investing for retirement. A simple… Continue reading The Beginning of the End?

Nobody Cares about Volatility

Seriously, there’s a lot of panic going on in social media about how the markets are so volatile due to the pandemic and the election. Thing is, who cares and you shouldn’t care as well. Hopefully that caught your attention, but if you’re saving for retirement then generally you shouldn’t care about volatility. I’ll go… Continue reading Nobody Cares about Volatility

Retirement – Time to move abroad?

Many of us dream one day to retire and live out a fairly comfortable life on the savings they have. Unfortunately, with inflation and expenses such as healthcare constantly going up, it’s no wonder people wonder if they will ever have enough to retire. The millennial generation started the craze of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire… Continue reading Retirement – Time to move abroad?