The Beginning of the End?

For those of you who have money in the market, you may have freaked out a bit seeing the drops happening due to rising yields of treasuries. Fear not, because these drops are only temporary and do not mean to sell. In fact, you should never sell especially if you’re investing for retirement. A simple… Continue reading The Beginning of the End?

Stimulus Package Impact on Stock Market

The U.S. has recently passed a $900 billion stimulus package, but what does this mean for my portfolio? We ran through the numbers and here are our predictions. Of course, we’re not an oracle so do your own research (otherwise we would already be on a beach in the Bahamas instead of hustlin’). Methodology Since… Continue reading Stimulus Package Impact on Stock Market

Impending Stock Market Crash?

At this point, the question is a matter of when the stock market is going to crash instead of if. Since the pandemic has started, there has been a huge disconnect between the stock market and the economy which is why it’s important to remember that the stock market does not represent the overall economy.… Continue reading Impending Stock Market Crash?