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Life hacks (budgeting to the extreme)

One of the craziest things we did to save money on food when going to Death Valley was bringing two $1 frozen pizzas with us to Death Valley and using the heat to naturally cook the pizza 🙂

Although you do not necessarily have to cook stuff like pizza out in the open to save money, the concept of using what you have around you applies.

Everyday, we have plenty of things that are “free” for our use. This can be anything from natural resources such as the sun or maybe having clean water in your backyard. Life hacks are all about using the resources you have around you.

In our case, we had the heat of the sun in Death Valley (basically a free oven) and we decided to use that heat to our advantage in cooking pizza.

Life hacks can extend to air drying clothes instead of paying to use a dryer or electricity. There are plenty of ideas and we look forward to sharing more of our life hacks in the future…

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